Video Editing and Production

Video is Effective

Creating video content is easier than ever. However, creating a video that your audience will actually watch and want to engage with and most importantly share is another story. It’s all in the editing. Whether it’s customer testimonials, product reviews, product demos, or facility tours we make short, interesting and engaging videos that can be easily accessed through the web regardless of the device being used.

It’s all about credibility. We utilize professional recording equipment, voice over talent and custom animated graphics that will capture your audience’s attention while making you look good.


The Power of YouTube and Sharing

Search is happening more and more right inside of YouTube. People want to see and hear what you have to say and have to offer.  And if they like what they see, they are likely to share it with more people. We will set up your YouTube channel and make sure that your audience will have multiple opportunities to engage with your video content including through your website, blog and social media marketing channels. All our efforts are geared to making sure your brand is visible and engaging and that you are where your customers are.

A Bird’s Eye View – Aerial Video

Aerial video gives viewers a unique vantage point. While it may not be right for every project, it is a great resource to make your footage fresh and relevant. We are always exploring new technologies and look forward to sharing our insights on how to make this new option work for your brand.