Need a shopping cart, reservation service, inventory system that is integrated with other technology solutions? You are speaking our language. We are big proponents of making systems automated, connected and easier for you to manage.


Online Merchandising and the User Experience

We understand that designing an e-Commerce site is not just about building a robust and effective back end system, it is about designing a site that draws the customer in and prompts them to buy from you. The values we focus on include instilling confidence, representing the product appropriately and aesthetically through copy and images, giving the customer the information they need at the point and time when they need it and making the entire point of sale process as seamless as possible.


We can provide you with recommendations on best practices as well as help you better merchandise your products online. We often help our clients create cross sales opportunities as well as make sure visitors continue to see a list of the products they have already viewed so that they stay top of mind during the entire shopping experience. By providing these conveniences, customers will feel more confident about their experience and choose to shop your site and buy from you again. We can also help you set up follow-up systems such as, email campaigns to keep engaging customers long after the original sale.  


Customized, Integrated Solutions

While there are many off the shelf solutions, we have been in this business long enough to know that not every solution is made for every business operations need. That is why we get to know your business, what you are setting out to accomplish and then recommend the best option for making it happen. If you require a customized solution, we can build that too.


Tax Sales Tables & Inventory Control – Knowledge is Power

When it comes to e-Commerce there are often many variables related to sales tax and inventory. We can guide you through the sales tax requirements for both in state and out of state sales so that you are confident with your practices and have the right systems and reporting in place come tax season. We can also help you navigate how to integrate your inventory systems. Having the ability to automatically post inventory in real time will save you and your team a lot of time while reducing any errors that occur with a manual system.