Metrics and Analytics

Data without analysis is not helpful data.

That is why we pore over analytics. We are innately curious about what is working on a website and why it is working or not. Understanding all the different components that need to be measured as well as the reports available, enables us to give you the data you require to make smart, informed decisions for your organization.


The Beauty of Analytics

The beauty of analytics is you can see how someone is interacting with your product or service (whether they purchased or put it back on the ‘shelf’) versus going to a physical store where you may not know when the drop off happened during the buying process. Our focus is on the entire customer experience, which means we also take the time to understand your offline sales and marketing efforts. Having informative data allows you to better serve your customers, giving them even more reasons to purchase from you.


Guidance and Direction – As little or as much as you want

We can manage it all and then share the relevant reports and data or we can give you the information you require to manage the process yourself. Whether you are looking to fine tune your pay-per-click campaigns or enhance your website, we can offer recommendations and guidance to ensure your work and time investment pays off. For instance, we may recommend using PPC to get your site on page one right away. This way we can get traffic to the site quickly and monitor how that traffic behaves once on the site. Or we may wait to launch a PPC campaign and focus on ensuring your website is well designed and poised to convert visitors. Together we can work to determine what you want your visitors to do and the best way to track and measure those actions.


So Many Reports, So Many Changes, Not Much Time?

Log into Google Analytics and you will be thoroughly impressed with all the data available to you. You may also feel overwhelmed by all the data available to you, not to mention the constant changes Google makes to its interface. Because we are in Google Analytics day in and day out, we are able to stay current on the latest changes and the latest reports. If you are short on time but want to stay current on your website stats, we can help make sure you have the data you want when you want it.