Company Profile

BEHIND THE SCENES … Making You Look Good

In business since 1999, Consistent Hits is a consortium of creatively talented people. Our group shares a common goal — utilize cutting edge web technologies to create beautiful websites. Consistent Hits strives to exceed your goals and expectations. Our focus on the user experience produces cutting edge UX designs. Our technical abilities enable us to develop complex intranets and information sharing services. These communication tools can increase the efficiency and communication within your organization.

Consistent Hits often customizes your existing online network with new web applications that fit your particular need. For instance, wiring up Google APIs. We have done a ton of them. Google offers some very powerful apps you can adapt to your own particular needs; you just need somebody to wire them up. We’re your somebodies.  Quite often this has the added benefit of lowering your cost.

We’ve also built some very simple yet very effective websites.

Our Core Web Team

Our core web team is driven by Gabriel, (Gabe), Burdett and Gary O’Connor. Gabe and his group figure things out. Gabe’s group decides what approach to use and the technologies employed and helps define expected outcomes. Gary helps define the UX, steers the projects and pays the bills. Together since 2003, The Gabe and Gary Show are always excited about what they do and it shows in the work, time, and attention to detail you will receive.

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience (through testing and analytics). We are never short on ideas or enthusiasm in sharing them. Even after 15+ years of building websites and web applications we’ve never had to say to a client “We can’t do that!” Somehow, we always find a way.

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