Multilingual Websites with Global Scope



One Website is all you need. It’s true. Managing website structure, content placement and display attributes are complicated enough with one or two websites. Not planning for multilingual website, with the future in mind, you’ll end up with a dozen or more websites that are all duplicates of each other, duplicate images, duplicate files, duplicate code. What a mess when it comes time to change a heading tag or the order of a menu item. One website that is capable of delivering multiple languages makes these updates a breeze. One place to update and the changes populate every version of your website.

Multilingual websites are different under the hood. It’s all about planning and experience. Having helped companies in a variety of multilingual websites and projects, we can help shore up development time and translation costs by refining message and content, and then building.  When developed right, adding a whole new language translation to your website can be done in about 2 hours.

One file, not multiple pages.

All of the text from the website is stored in one file. Simply send the master language file to your translation company and let them work their magic. An added bonus to using translation files is that we are often translating words and small sentences, we call strings. For example, “contact us” is a phrase that appears all over a website in many places. Once translated, we use that one string everywhere we need that phrase to display. The phrase only needs to be translated ONCE, not for each occurrence within a website (as is often the case when translating entire web pages).


Single Domain Option

When you have a website with a lot of ranking power and a unified message, you may want one URL that offers many languages. We achieve this by adding the language code into the URL. Examples are:

  • – English
  • – German
  • – Spanish

Multiple Domain Option

So you have distributors around the world… target your markets by having a domain that is local to your foreign customer. This can provide you better ranking in that country and even allow you to personalize the website to promote your distributor and their services.

  • – English
  • – German
  • – Spanish

Share Information (and Increase Sales) Around the World in Real Time

We make it easy so you don’t have to worry about the logistics and mechanics of your website. Instead you can focus on marketing and sharing your services and/or products around the world (with one website that speaks all your clients’ languages)!