Should I be using structured data?

The short answer is YES!!!

Back in 2009, the leading search engines — Google, Bing, and Yahoo — all agreed to create a “standard” for annotating content. They created vocabularies or “schemas” for categorizing and describing content. (Visit Since 2009, the number of schemas just keeps exploding. Google and Bing have taken huge strides in categorizing and serving results across ever increasing media types. Google even developed their own set of tools to help webmasters create and add structured data to their website code. Two of these tools — Rich Cards and Data Highlighter — are specific to Google and provide webmasters an easy way to call attention to products, events, recipes, and reviews within your web pages. The third tool — the Structured Data Testing Tool — makes it easy to add structured data to any website! All Google’s tools are available via your Google Search Console.

Is there a schema for that?

That’s always one of the first things we ask ourselves when learning about a new client and their business. It seems with each passing day there are more and more “schemas” or “vocabularies” out there to take advantage of. Even though schemas have been around and growing since 2009, it is doubtful your keyword competitors are using structured data or poorly implementing their use. Structured data is no magic bullet, but using structured data and rich snippets will help accelerate your websites’ climb in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

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