Systems Integration

The Land of Oz

A big percentage of our work is “behind the curtain”. The internet provides the most incredible communicative tool yet devised, and Consistent Hits harnesses its power and flexibility to design complex integrated sales, inventory, shipping, and ecommerce systems allowing companies in one part of the world or the country to interact with other companies in another part of the world or country.

We’ve developed sales proposal creation and sharing systems allowing distributors in one region to create product proposals on the fly while enabling manufacturers to update those products in real time, no matter what country or time zone either is in. Distributors and sales people can create proposals quickly and get those proposals in the hands of prospective buyers within minutes, no matter where they are, and if we know internet connectivity might be a problem, we’ve designed “portable” solutions the “in the field” sales representative can load on their laptop to produce proposals while standing with their buyer at a trade show or while literally standing in the middle of a wheat field!

Welcome to Oz!