Search Engine Optimization

Best Practices

Getting our clients to the top of Google or Bing’s search results isn’t about using tricks, gimmicks or short cuts. Instead we utilize our many years of experience (we have been building knowledge since 1999) to ensure we meet your potential customers where they are looking for your product or services. An effective search engine optimization and PPC ad strategy means conversions and conversions require a good website. During your engagement with us, we will constantly review your site looking for ways to improve the user experience and increase search engine results and conversion rates.

Create. Test. Repeat.

Our approach is 100% focused on facts, which we receive by testing and monitoring analytics. The beauty of analytics is you can see how someone has interacted with your product and where they may have dropped off during the buying process. We constantly test site updates as well as campaigns and then determine if they are working – are they improving conversions, increasing traffic, and boosting visitor activity? We monitor every aspect and then continue to make the necessary changes to make your site and campaign effective.

Why our Approach Works – Penguin vs. Panda

Maybe you’ve heard of Penguin and Panda. Both are Google’s “pets”. Penguin is the penalty side of the Google Algorithm; Panda is “Best Practices” side. Penguin catches the black hat practices, and whoa be it to the webmaster (and site) when the Penguin unleashes its wrath. Break a rule and watch your site plummet, and most likely never return. Panda comprises the best practices rules of the road. Panda algorithms are updated regularly, often monthly; little tweaks where Google adjusts the weights they give one variable or another, or perhaps introduce another variable entirely. For example, just a few years ago, Google Plus didn’t exist; now your Google Plus presence can have a profound effect on your site’s search engine rankings. We stay up to date on best practices and then share the changes we recommend making to your site and/or campaign.

Connect with Visitors’ Search Patterns through Good Content

Getting clients to the top of search engine results starts with aligning site content with how potential visitors search for your product or service. We are not focused on getting your site to rank well for your company name, we know that will happen anyway; we’re interested in getting your site to rank for terms that are really important and core to whatever your business or site purpose is.

We accomplish high rankings by helping you draft high quality content in diverse ways such as through videos, pdfs, forms, blogs, reviews, webinars (what am I missing?) and then help spread your content over multiple channels, like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube. Search engines not only look at your total content diversity, but also all the different media channels and web properties where your content is deployed. The more content you offer in diverse forms, the more likely search engines will see your site as “authoritative” and move your site higher in their rankings. It’s not about quantity, its about quality and diversity. Content always has been and still remains – KING.