What We Do

So what exactly does proactive, data driven, & knowledgeable mean?


From our very first conversation, our wheels start turning. We start gathering information. Asking questions. Learning about your industry, your organization. What’s your problem? What do want the web to do? The wheels are turning. We become sponges, soaking it all up. That never stops for us. We’re always looking for ways to improve your visitor experience. Ways to increase traffic; keep your organic rankings high. Ways to improve ease of use, make the site more intuitive. We can even get you settled and comfortable with pay per click campaigns.

Data Driven

How do people query search engines to find whatever you are about? We’re going to be running searches while we are on the phone with you. Looking at competitors. Who’s ranking for those search engine queries you’d like to pull for and start exploring why their rankings are so good. How do people search for what you offer? What causes them to think about what your web site offers?

Another thing you can count on – we’re going to ask you for access to any web traffic analytics program you have running on your website. If you don’t have one, we’ll encourage you to add one. We’ll even install Google Analytics on your website, free of charge. That’s how strongly we feel about data. Amazing opportunities can open up to you on the web, you just have to gather and know what to do with the information. We want to start gathering and looking at that information as soon as possible. We’re thinking about initial “hooks” right from the get go.

A word about mobile

If you have a public website today, you MUST be mobile friendly. Every new website we build today is mobile friendly. Nuff’ said.


And then we’re going to start examining what your project is. The first of many “wouldn’t it be cool it if the website did this!” kind of thing. This is going to last for several weeks. We will identify your target audience and the way they seek information. We will start defining the scope the project and what the objectives are. What’s the best approach? Timelines. Goals.

We’ll look at other websites in your niche. We will examine competitors or others websites trying to accomplish similar goals.

Give us 8 minutes

You’ll know in the first eight minutes if we are who we say we are. Our group has over 60 years combined knowledge and experience in web development; 20+ years video; and 30+ years graphic arts. We’re full of musicians, marketers, creatives, farmers, chicken raisers, comedians. We can be a pretty fun bunch!

Every client is different.

So our approaches have to be different. There can’t be any “one size fits all” approach. But, at the end of the day, we all want a similar outcome – to share.