Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile friendly, responsive websites, are no longer an option. Google prioritizes mobile sites. If your site isn’t responsive, Google will bury it.

If that’s not reason enough, how about this? OVER 50% of all internet usage is now via mobile device. You want to tell 50% of your visitors to go away? Didn’t think so.

Going mobile is easy and doesn’t have to be expensive. If you already have, or want to go with any of the popular frameworks — WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, FourSquare, and others — all offer 1000’s of responsive website templates. Just configure and go! Advances in CSS and HTML5 make turning any website into a mobile friendly website quick and pretty painless. You just have to do a little planning.

Every website Consistent Hits creates includes a mobile version too.

Not sure if your website is mobile friendly?

Then take the Google mobile friendly test. Simply  visit the link, paste in your website’s URL and Google will tell you if your website is mobile friendly. If your website fails the mobile friendly test, the Google tool will tell you what needs to be corrected and even shows you how your website looks on an Android device.

In a mobile version of a website, column content stacks, and many links may become buttons so they’re easier to tap with a finger.

Mobile impacts search

Mobile is having a dramatic impact on search behavior too. The popularity of Virtual Assistants like Google Voice, Apple’s Siri, Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa is rising exponentially. Google recently reported that now over 20% of all mobile searches are done via voice search. Smartphones are the ready conduit.

Back in 2013, Google and Nielsen collaborated on an interesting mobile marketing study entitled Mobile Search Moments. The study found that in the United States, over 90% of local information searches originate from smartphones. If local search is important to you then your website needs to be responsive. Here are some other interesting factoids the study revealed:

  • 77% of mobile searches happen at work or home. Why? Convenience. Also consider how companies often block shopping sites like Amazon, or social media sites like Facebook. They can’t block your personal smartphone!
  • Bricks and mortar store owners — shoppers are 2X more likely to comparison shop via their smartphones while they are in your store!
  • Faster follow through. 55% of store visits, phone calls, or purchases occur within an hour of the first mobile search!
  • 45% of all mobile searches are conducted to help the user make a decision.

Download the Google/Nielsen study.

So what are you waiting for? Consistent Hits designs for ALL screen sizes and devices. We don’t just design for smartphones, we’ll make your website look sexy on tablets, iPads, netbooks and more!

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